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The following is an excerpt from a 10-K SEC Filing, filed by EVTC INC on 1/4/2000.
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The directors and executive officers of the Company as of September 30,1999 were:

     NAME                        AGE                  POSITION
     ----                        ---                  --------

George Cannan, Sr.                56          Chairman, Chief Executive
                                               Officer and Director

David Keener                      35          Chief Financial Officer

Caroline Costante                 37          Secretary

John Stefiuk                      48          Director

John D. Mazzuto                   51          Director

Robert J. Casper                  56          Director

GEORGE CANNAN, SR. founded Environmental Materials Corp. ("EMC") a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company in 1975 and has been President, Chief Executive Officer and a director of EMC since that time. Mr. Cannan founded the Company in 1989; was President and Chief Executive Officer until December 31, 1995; has been Chairman of the Board and a director of the Company since 1989; and was reappointed Chief Executive Officer in 1999. In July 1992, EMC became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. Mr. Cannan has been responsible for all phases of the Company's operations since its inception. Prior to founding EMC, Mr. Cannan was a manufacturer's representative in the automotive industry.

DAVID A. KEENER joined the Company in 1998 as its Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Keener is a Certified Public Accountant. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Keener was President of Dual-Heat LTD from April 1996 to January of 1998; Business Control Manager of Sensormatic Electronics Corporation from June 1994 to April 1996; and Audit Manager with Deloitte & Touche, LLP from January 1988 to May 1994.

CAROLINE COSTANTE has been Secretary of the Company since its inception. Ms. Costante has been employed by EMC since 1979 and is responsible for the overall administration of the operations of EMC.

JOHN STEFIUK is the President of Federal Bronze Products, Inc. a metal servicing center and representative agency based in Newark, New Jersey. Mr. Stefiuk joined Federal Bronze in 1972 and became President in 1978. During his tenure at Federal Bronze, he has held various managerial and operating positions.

JOHN D. MAZZUTO is the President of Platinum Holdings, a private investment company. Mr. Mazzuto has held prior positions with Asian Oceanic Group, an international merchant bank where he served as President of the bank's New York subsidiary and Group Managing Director of the parent company. Prior to this, he held the position of Managing Director of Corporate Finance for Chemical Bank.

ROBERT J. CASPER is the President and Chief Executive Officer of R.J. Casper & Associates. Mr. Casper has held prior positions as Chairman, Midwestern National Life Insurance Company, President of MC Equities, President/Chief Operating Officer of U.S. Life Corporation and Executive Vice President of Home Life Insurance Company. Mr. Casper's background encompasses over 30 years of experience in the life insurance industry, with 25 years of executive level, hands on management experience.


The Board of Directors met three times during the 1999 fiscal year.

The Board of Directors has an Audit Committee, a Compensation Committee, and Executive Committee. The Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing the Company's audited financial statements, meeting with the Company's independent accountants to review the Company's internal controls and financial management practices and examining all agreements or other transactions between the Company and its directors and officers (other than those compensation functions assigned to the Compensation Committee) to determine whether such agreements or transactions are fair to the Company's shareholders. Members of the Audit Committee are Messrs. Jack Stefiuk and Robert Casper.

The Compensation Committee is responsible for reviewing the compensation and benefits of the Company's executive officers, making recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning compensation and benefits for such executive officers and administering the Company's stock option plans. Members of the Compensation Committee are Messrs. Jack Stefiuk and Robert Casper.

The Executive Committee has the authority to act, between meetings of the full Board of Directors, on any matter that might properly be brought before the Board of Directors, subject to exceptions for certain major matters. Members of the Executive Committee are Messrs. George Cannan and John Mazzuto.

Directors of the Company receive no cash compensation for serving on the Board of Directors, other than reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred in attending meetings. Directors receive stock options for 5,000 shares for serving on the Board of Directors.

Officers of the Company are elected annually by the Board of Directors and hold office at the discretion of the Board.


Section 16(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, requires the Company's executive officers, directors, and holders of more than ten percent of the Company's Common Stock to file reports of ownership and changes in ownership with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "Commission") and NASDAQ. Such persons are required to furnish the Company with copies of all Section 16(a) forms they file.

To the best knowledge of the Company, all filing requirements applicable to its executive officers, directors, and greater than 10% beneficial owners were complied with.

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