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The following is an excerpt from a 10KSB SEC Filing, filed by GOLDEN PHARMACEUTICALS INC on 12/16/1997.
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                           Principal Occupation or Employment during the past Five Years;     or Officer
      Name & Age                                Other Directorships                              Since
      ----------           -------------------------------------------------------------         -----
Charles R. Drummond      Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief                                1991
(54)                     Executive Officer and Treasurer of the Company since 1992. Owner
                         and operator of Drummond Ranches, a cattle ranching operation in
                         Pawhuska, Oklahoma, since 1965.  Partner in Drummond and Hull
                         Oil Company.

Ladd A. Drummond         Director.  Co-owner of Drummond Land and Cattle Company since            1994
(28)                     January 1991; operator of risk management and investment

Bruce A. Goldberg        President from March 1996 to present.  Chief Operating Officer           1994
(52)                     from February 1994 through 1996.  Director of Reagent Operation at
                         Lifescan, Inc. from 1989 to 1994.

Arch G. Gothard, III     Director.  President of First Kansas, Inc. since October 1988.           1995
(52)                     Mr. Gothard is also serves as a director of First State Bank,
                         Kenco Plastics, Inc., LDI, Inc., Pay Phone Concepts, Inc. and
                         Collins Industries, Inc.

John H. Grant            Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Secretary.  Professor        1990
(55)                     of Business Administration, University of Pittsburgh,
                         Pennsylvania since January 1972.

Gary P. Pryor            Vice President, Finance since July 1997.  Chief Financial                1997
(48)                     Officer at Johnston Sweeper Company from June, 1995, to June
                         1997, and Vice President, Finance, at Bicore Monitoring Systems,
                         Inc. from December 1991 to June 1995.

Richard G. Wahl          Director.  Owner and President of MRD Construction Incorporated,         1993
(61)                     since 1964.  Mr. Wahl also serves as managing partner of both
                         G & W Construction of Evergreen, Colorado, and Willow Ridge
                         Conference Center of Morrison, Colorado.

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