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The following is an excerpt from a 10KSB/A SEC Filing, filed by BARON CAPITAL TRUST on 4/25/2000.
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The names of the persons that serve as Trustees and executive officers (1) of the Trust and the Operating Partnership and their respective ages and positions are set forth below. Each of the trustees has served since 1998. The term of each independent trustee is one year.

Name                        Age         Position
----                        ---         --------
James H. Bownas             52          Trustee
Peter M. Dickson            50          Trustee
Gregory K. McGrath(2)       39          Chief Executive Officer - Trust and Operating
Robert S. Geiger(3)         49          Chief Operating Officer - Trust and Operating
Robert L. Astorino          53          President - Operating Partnership
Mark L. Wilson              53          Chief Financial Officer - Trust and Operating

Baron Advisors, Inc. ("Baron Advisers"), the Managing Shareholder of the Trust, was incorporated in July 1997 as a Delaware corporation. The management of Baron Advisors has substantial prior experience in and knowledge of the residential apartment property and single-family housing market and its financing and experience in the management of investment programs and in directing their operations. The Chief Executive Officer, sole director and sole shareholder of Baron Advisors is Gregory K. McGrath and its Chief Operating Officer is Robert S. Geiger. The Managing Shareholder will be compensated for its services pursuant to a Trust Management Agreement. Officers and employees of the Managing Shareholder who perform services on behalf of the Trust will not be paid any additional compensation by the Trust. Such officers and employees generally will serve in the same capacity for the Trust and will be compensated by the Trust in amounts determined by the Managing Shareholder, in the case of employees, and by the Executive Compensation Committee of the Trust.

Gregory K. McGrath is the Chief Executive Officer, sole director and sole shareholder of Baron Advisors, Inc. and Chief Executive Officer of the Trust and the Operating Partnership. Mr. McGrath has over 10 years experience in all aspects of the real estate industry, including site selection and acquisition, arrangement and closing of mortgage financing, and property acquisition and management. Between January 1993 and June 1994, Mr. McGrath served as Senior Vice President of Realty Capital, Inc., a Florida

(1) The Trust has entered into a Trust Management Agreement with Baron Advisers, Inc., the Managing Shareholder of the Trust(the "Managing Shareholder") under which the Managing Shareholder is obligated to provide management, administrative and investment advisory services to the Trust from the commencement of the Cash Offering. The services to be rendered include, among other things, communicating with and reporting to Investors, administering accounts, providing to the Trust office space, equipment and facilities and other services necessary for the Trust's operation, and representing the Trust in its relations with custodians, depositories, accountants, attorneys, brokers and dealers, corporate fiduciaries, insurers, banks and others, as required. The Managing Shareholder is also responsible for determining which real estate investments and non-real estate investments (including the temporary investment of the Trust's available funds prior to their commitment to particular real estate investments) the Trust will make and for making divestment decisions, subject to the provisions of the Declaration of Trust.

(2) Mr. McGrath is Chief Executive Officer, sole shareholder and sole director of the Managing Shareholder. He is also the Chief Executive Officer, sole shareholder and director of Baron Capital Properties, Inc., a Delaware corporation, which is the Corporate Trustee of the Trust.

(3) Mr. Geiger serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the Managing Shareholder.


corporation which sponsored real estate limited partnerships. Mr. McGrath is also the President, sole director and sole shareholder of Baron Real Estate Services, Inc. ("Baron"), an Ohio corporation headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, which he co-founded in 1989. Mr. McGrath is also the President, sole director and sole shareholder of Brentwood Management, LLP, an Ohio limited liability company which provides property management services. Mr. McGrath is also a principal of The Baron Organization, Inc., a Delaware corporation which manages an approximately $100 million real estate portfolio. In addition to the affiliations described above, Mr. McGrath is also a principal in a number of other related business entities which are involved in various aspects of the real estate business.

Robert S. Geiger is a practicing attorney. From 1994 to August 1998, he was managing director of the law firm of Geiger Kasdin Heller Kuperstein Chames & Weil, P.A., a Miami, Florida law firm with a general practice. From 1986 to 1994, he was managing director of Levine & Geiger, a Miami, Florida law firm. Mr. Geiger's practice is concentrated in complex commercial and real property transactions and business reorganizations. He serves as general counsel for national, regional and local corporations engaged in a wide range of business activities, including regulated industry matters.

James H. Bownas is a principal in Gamble Hartshorn Johnson Co. LPA, a Columbus, Ohio law firm with a general practice. Mr. Bownas's practice is concentrated in securities, real estate, taxation, corporate and estate planning. Between 1989 and January 1996, Mr. Bownas served as General Counsel, Vice President and Secretary of Lexford, Inc. ("Lexford") (formerly Cardinal Realty Services, Inc. and before that Cardinal Industries, Inc.), a publicly traded company headquartered in Reynoldsburg, Ohio which has sponsored numerous real estate investment limited partnerships. At Lexford, Mr. Bownas developed significant experience in the syndication of real estate investment limited partnerships, negotiated the resolution of over $2 billion of creditors' claims in connection with the bankruptcy reorganization of Cardinal Industries, Inc., and coordinated the transition of Cardinal Industries, Inc. from a bankruptcy creditor to a successful publicly traded company. Since 1995, Lexford has engaged in several arms-length transactions (none of which represented a material portion of Lexford's assets, liabilities, revenues or expenditures) with affiliates of the Managing Shareholder pursuant to which multi-family real estate was sold to, purchased from and managed by and for such entities.

Peter M. Dickson has been managing director of the Guardian Management Company Limited, a global financial services corporation based in Bermuda since 1991. In addition, since 1994 Mr. Dickson has served as a director to Grosvenor Trust Company Limited, another Bermuda-based financial services corporation. Between 1985 and 1990, Mr. Dickson served as the Executive Vice President of Finance for The Wraxall Group, Bermuda. Between 1979 and 1985, Mr. Dickson held several positions with Peat, Marwick.

Robert L. Astorino has served as President of the Operating Partnership since May 25, 1998. From February 1998 through May 25, 1998, he served as President - Property of Strategic Management Inc., a real estate management company affiliated with the Mr. McGrath. From 1992 through January 1998, he served as President of The Housing Partnership, Inc., a Louisville, Kentucky-based real estate investment and consulting company. Between 1991 and 1992, Mr. Astorino served as Assistant Vice President, Real Estate Operations at Great Western Bank in Beverly Hills, California, where his responsibilities included the operation and sale of residential and commercial real estate obtained in foreclosure.

Mark L. Wilson was elected Chief Financial Officer of the Trust and the Operating Partnership in November 1998. Between 1989 and 1997, Mr. Wilson served as Vice President of Baron Real Estate Services, Inc., an affiliate of Mr. McGrath. Mr. Wilson was responsible for financial control, accounting and tax functions for that company in addition to financial control and accounting for all of the properties which it managed. In addition, Mr. Wilson served as President of The Baron Companies, a registered securities broker-dealer which served as the dealer manager of numerous private offerings of limited partnerships affiliated with Mr. McGrath.

The Corporate Trustee of the Trust is Baron Capital Properties, Inc. ("Baron Properties"), a Delaware corporation formed in July 1997 and an Affiliate of the Managing Shareholder. The primary duty of the Corporate Trustee will be to operate an office in the State of Delaware as Delaware law requires that at least one of the trustees of a Delaware business trust (such as the Trust) have an office in Delaware. Baron Properties, as Corporate Trustee of the Trust, will act only at the direction of the Managing Shareholder, and will not take independent discretionary action on behalf of the Trust. The Corporate Trustee will not be compensated for its services, but will be reimbursed only for its reasonable out-of-pocket expenses in serving in such capacity which are approved in advance by the Managing Shareholder. Such expenses are expected to be limited to those incurred in connection with the operation of its Delaware office. Baron Properties may be a trustee of other similar entities that may organized by the Managing Shareholder,


Baron Advisors, Inc., and any of their Affiliates. The Chief Executive Officer, sole director and sole stockholder of Baron Properties is Gregory K. McGrath. The principal office of Baron Properties is at 1105 North Market Street, Suite 1300, Wilmington, Delaware 19899.


No reports were required to be filed in the most recent fiscal year pursuant to Section 16(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, since the Trust's Common Shares are not registered under the act.

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