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The following is an excerpt from a 10KSB SEC Filing, filed by SONICPORT COM on 7/17/2000.
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The officers and directors of the Company, their ages and present positions held with the Company are as follows:

Directors, Officers and Advisory Board Members of the Company

Name                       Age              Position(s)
----                       ---              -----------
David Baeza                34               President, Chief Executive Officer and Director
Stanton Dodson             35               Chairman of the Board of Directors
Richard Shapiro            41               Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice
                                                       President and Secretary
John Cooper                40               Director
Raymond Wong               40               Director
H. Joe Frazier             65               Director
Joe Abrell                 65               Director
Gerry Lawrence             50               Advisory Board
Duane Eberlein             61               Advisory Board
Greg Adalian               37               Advisory Board

DAVID BAEZA, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director. Mr. Baeza is a co-founder of the Company and has served as its President and CEO of the Company since July 1998. Mr. Baeza has over 10 years experience in the telecommunications industry. Prior to his position with the Company, Mr. Baeza was the Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of CGI, a company that specialized in direct marketing of subscription based services. Mr. Baeza served as Director of Sales and Marketing for Federal TransTel, opening their West Coast operations center in Los Angeles and substantially increasing their annual gross sales. As Vice President of Sales for R.J.GORDON & Company (Inc. 500), Mr. Baeza was responsible for increasing the Merchant Bank Portfolio from $10 million annually to $50 million annually. During his tenure at R.J.gordon, Mr. Baeza created and served as President and Executive Director of the Teleservices Industry Association, a non-profit agency that lobbied Capitol Hill to amend the telecommunications bill. Mr. Baeza also designed the first national AIDS/STD toll-free information line for the Center of Disease Control and American Social Health Association. Additionally, Mr. Baeza designed successful Direct Response television applications for Sony's Game Show Network and MTV Europe. Mr. Baeza graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from California Polytechnic University and earned his MBA from Nova University in Florida graduating summa cum laude.


STANTON DODSON, Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Dodson is a co-founder of the Company and has served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors since July 1998. Mr. Dodson has spent the last twelve years working as a financier with software, multimedia and Internet companies, most recently serving as President of the software-publisher, Global MediaNet Corporation (GMC) since 1994. He served as executive producer on some of that company's award-winning titles including LEONARD NIMOY'S SCIENCE FICTION I & II; JACK ADVENTURE'S WITH JIM VARNEY; THE BIBLE'S GREATEST STORIES: OLD AND NEW TESTAMENT, and the Martha Stewart endorsed, GROWING GOOD ROSES. Mr. Dodson was also responsible for developing a joint venture to build an online and educational tool for entrepreneurs with Harvard Business School Publications. Mr. Dodson also co-founded Transglobal Capital Corporation in 1994, a NASD-licensed securities Broker-Dealer that he oversaw until he sold the business in 1997. From 1991 to 1994, Mr. Dodson founded and served as President of Ichor Communications, Inc, a consulting company that advised entertainment and multimedia clients on equity financing. The company was acquired by GMC in 1994.

Mr. Dodson attended the University of South Carolina, where he majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.

RICHARD SHAPIRO - Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice-President and Secretary. Mr. Shapiro joined the Company in July, 2000. Mr. Shapiro has more than 17 years of experience in senior financial management positions. Most recently, he served since 1994 as chief financial officer, director of human resources and a board member of Allstate Communications, Inc., where he oversaw all financial operations of this 450-employee telecommunications and financial management company. He also served as chief operating officer of that company's International Division. During and prior to his years at Allstate Communications, Mr. Shapiro gained experience at both public and private companies in a broad spectrum of financial management activities, including merchant banking, taxation, SEC reporting and international business. He also enjoys extensive knowledge of Internet-based business operations. Mr. Shapiro is a 1983 graduate of California State University Northridge and actively participates in several private foundations in the Los Angeles area.

JOHN COOPER, Director. Mr. Cooper has been a director of the Company since April, 1999. Mr. Cooper has been the President and Chief Technical Officer of Allstate Communications, Inc. (ACI) since 1997. Mr. Cooper joined ACI (a privately held California corporation) in 1995 as its Chief Operating Officer. ACI is a holding company specializing in out-bound business-to-business telemarketing, audiotext, and the development and marketing of software to financial institutions through US Dataworks, a Texas LLC. In 1985, Mr. Cooper joined Real-Share, Inc., a data processing company that supplied transactional services to TeleCheck franchises worldwide. Following Real-Share's acquisition of TeleCheck Southwest in 1985, Mr. Cooper continued as a software developer in Houston, Texas. In 1988, Mr. Cooper headed up the team that developed the transaction processing system for the audiotext industry, under the name Shared Global Systems, Inc. In 1989, Mr. Cooper was named as the first President of Shared Global Systems. In 1992, TeleCheck franchises were bought by First Financial Management (FFM). Mr. Cooper was promoted to Vice President of Management of Information Services for TeleCheck while still serving as the President of Shared Global Systems. In 1995, Shared Global Systems had grown by a factor 10 and enjoyed twice the earnings-margin of its sister companies. FFM was acquired that same year by First Data Company. Mr. Cooper received his B.S. in Computer Science from Western Missouri State in 1984.


H. JOE FRAZIER, Director. Mr. Frazier has been a director of the Company since October, 1999. Mr. Frazier also serves as a director of Simon Transportation, Inc., a NASDAQ listed company. Mr. Frazier served as the Chief Executive Officer for Westinghouse Communities, Inc., a subsidiary of Westinghouse Electric Corporation, from 1973 until 1993. Under Mr. Frazier's direction, Westinghouse Communities, Inc. grew substantially in assets, revenue and enjoyed a 30% annual growth in operating profits. In 1992, Mr. Frazier founded Full House Resort, Inc., a NASDAQ listed company, where he functioned as a director of the company. Prior to his twenty-year tenure at Westinghouse Communities, Inc., Mr. Frazier had been a senior partner with Frazier, Tiballi & Schroeder. Mr. Frazier began his career as a partner in the legal firm of Patterson, Maloney & Frazier in 1962. Mr. Frazier received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Oklahoma and his Juris Doctor law degree from the University of Miami.

JOE ABRELL, Director. Mr. Abrell has been a director of the Company since October, 1999. Mr. Abrell is a communications expert having worked in the field for 40 years. As a newspaper reporter, news magazine correspondent, television journalist/executive, NFL executive and owner of a public relations/marketing firm, he has experienced first hand all facets of the communications, marketing and media industry. As Vice President of the Miami Dolphins, he was instrumental in the building of Joe Robbie Stadium, now renamed Pro Player Stadium, as one of the very few privately financed sports stadiums in the country. In 1963, he became Director of Special News Projects for WTVJ, Miami, Florida, one of the CBS network's most important affiliates. In 1969 he was appointed News Director and in 1972 Director of Public Affairs. He also hosted the successful Miami television news magazine program, Montage, until he left to join the Miami Dolphins in 1984. Most recently he has worked to successfully launch PrimeCo Personal Communications, one of the leaders in the new innovative wireless technology, in the Florida market. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism/Literature from Indiana University, a Masters degree in Political Science from Columbia University, obtained while on the CBS News Fellowship, and also a Juris Doctor law degree from the University of Miami.

RAYMOND WONG, Director. Mr. Wong has been a Director of the Company since October, 1999. Mr. Wong is an Engineering Consultant, specializing in areas of production design, prototype, manufacturing, production, quality and cost management in semiconductor packaging and automated manufacturing. He also consults on factory automation, manufacturing processes, assembly equipment requirements and latest technology trends. In 1990, Mr. Wong started his own consulting firm (WOSTECH Company). Throughout his career, he has worked for many high profile corporations. From 1998 to 1999, Mr. Wong served as a Manufacturing and Process Engineering Manager for Microwave dB Inc. He was an advisor to and assisted in creating an $8 million state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. From 1997 to 1998, Mr. Wong served as a Sr. Staff Manufacturing Engineer for Hughes Space and Communications Co., specializing in satellite communications manufacturing. From 1988 to 1997, Mr. Wong served as an Engineering Manager for M/A Com (AMP Inc.). He set up automated assembly lines that gave the company the competitive edge it needed for market position. During this period the annual sales went from $18 million to $60 million. From 1984 to 1988, Mr. Wong served as Manufacturing/Process Engineering Specialist for TRW Semiconductor (Motorola RF Div.). From 1980-1984, Mr. Wong served as a Sr. Electronic Design Engineer for General Dynamics Corp. Mr. Wong currently serves on the Board of Directors for Powerski International Corp. This Company is developing a new sport/motorized jet board. Mr. Wong graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh with a minor in Computer Science.


GERRY LAWRENCE, Advisory Board. Beginning in 1975, Mr. Lawrence was a Field Sales Engineer for Intel, responsible for all Intel sales in the Northern California Bay area. Mr. Lawrence quickly moved up within the sales ladder of the company securing such positions over the years as District Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Product Marketing Manager, North American Distributor Sales Manager and North American Distributor Marketing Manager. Mr. Lawrence's accomplishments included management of all agreements with worldwide partners for sourcing of Intel product lines and licensing of software. Mr. Lawrence's most recent position of North American Distributor Marketing Manager required him to be responsible for all marketing and sales programs for the Intel 486, Pentium, Pentium Pro and Pentium II product lines, a billion dollar business. During his tenure, Intel grew from a $100 million company to a $25 billion annual revenue company. Mr. Lawrence received his B.S. in Engineering from the United States Military Academy, West Point, his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado and his M.S. in Materials Science from Stanford University.

GREG ADALIAN, Advisory Board. Mr. Adalian is an expert in the field of telephony hardware and software development and integration. He provides consulting services to Tele-Marc Direct, Inc., an audio text service bureau, where he designed, engineered and built a 458-seat call center with the capacity to answer 30,000 simultaneous calls. Mr. Adalian was Co-Founder and Vice President of Lo/Ad Communications, a domestic and international service bureau for pay-per-call services. Lo/Ad Communications was the force behind the very first interactive 900 service in the United States. The company built and maintained audio text facilities in 22 U.S. cities and four foreign countries. A number of years ago, Mr. Adalian founded the very successful INFOTEXT and RESPONSE TV magazines. He attended Long Beach State University, where he majored in Biology.

DUANE EBERLEIN, Advisory Board. Mr. Eberlein is a finance and accounting professional with industry, public accounting and business experience, with expertise in public and private financing, SEC reporting, tax, FASB and other accounting issues, computer systems and internal controls. Throughout his career, he has had extensive experience with many high profile corporations. Since 1998, Mr. Eberlein has served as a management consultant, providing financial, accounting and tax services to clients in Southern California. He has established a consulting practice providing clients with part-time and interim CFO services. From 1994 to 1997 he was the Executive Vice President and CFO for Inland Entertainment Corporation (currently known as Venture Catalyst, Inc.) where he helped in taking the company public in 1995 and listing it on the NASDAQ National Market System. Mr. Eberlein served as CFO for public and private companies, including the Sands Hotel & Casino, with operations in Las Vegas, Nevada, Atlantic City, New Jersey and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Mr. Eberlein's public accounting experience includes seven years in "Big 5" accounting firms, including two years as a partner with Ernst & Young.



SYLVIA HANNA, Director of Internet Development. Ms. Hanna joined the Company in September 1999. She is accomplished in all aspects of building strategic alliances, staff development and management, facilities planning, administrative services, and cost control. Her most recent position was with Cybernet Ventures, Inc. where one of her key projects was the development of a vertically integrated portal for men 25-40 years old. Ms. Hanna developed, staffed and managed programming, web development and the business development departments. She developed and negotiated strategic alliances for co-branding with established online companies for content development. She has worked closely with the programmers and negotiated with outside vendors to build a hardware infrastructure to support mass data storage and throughput. Prior to her tenure at Cybernet Ventures, Ms. Hanna was with Allstate Communications, Inc. where she held several managerial positions and played an integral part in the company's Internet Marketing and Development. She attended Cal State University Northridge, where she majored in English.

MEKKI EL BOUSHI, Director of Technology. Mr. El Boushi joined the Company in October, 1999. Prior to joining the Company, he was with Cybernet Ventures, a portal development company, where he led the web development team overseeing all aspects of technology design and implementation. From 1995 to 1999, Mr. El Boushi served as an Astrophysicist for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories (the lead U.S. center for robotic exploration of the solar system) - Mission Simulation & Instrument Modeling - designing and implementing key components of the Mars Pathfinder mission and the Hubble Telescope. From 1993 to 1995, he served as a Research Scientist for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories - Mission Ground System Office. Prior to this position, from 1990 to 1993, he served as a Member of the Technical Staff - Mission Sequence and Profile for the Galileo mission. Prior to his tenure with NASA, Mr. El Boushi served as Systems Engineer for Gilbreath and Horning and as a Research Assistant at the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics at the University of California at os Angeles. Mr. El Boushi received his M.S. in Physics from California State University of Los Angeles and his B.S. in Geophysics and Space Physics from University of California at Los Angeles.


ROBIN ALLEN BEHAR, Director of Television Marketing. Ms. Behar joined the Company in August 1999. She began her career in 1991 at Williams Worldwide as Director of Marketing managing the agency's corporate direct response clientele including DirecTV, Estee Lauder, Kal Kan, Bruan, Hoover, and Quaker State. In 1996, she joined Williams Worldwide Televison, the International sister company of Williams Worldwide, as the International Brand Manager. She launched the global marketing campaigns for Murad International Skin Care and Sobakawa Pillow. In August of 1997, Ms. Behar was named Managing Director of Latin America where she was responsible for all regional distribution sales and strategic planning as well as direct marketing operations in Mexico City and Sao Paolo. She holds a BA in Communication Studies from Cal State University Northridge and an Italian Minor from CSUN/University at Florence, Italy.

LINDA BOORMAN, Vice President. Ms. Boorman has been with the Company since August 1998. She began her career at R.J.gordon & Company (Inc. 500), a leader in the information services industry. After leaving R.J.gordon & Company, Ms. Boorman worked with Mr. Baeza to create a non-profit association for the benefit of the information services industry. She left the association to assist in the launch of the Los Angeles-based operations for Federal TransTel, Inc. Ms.Boorman completed her Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Journalism and Sociology at Baylor University in 1991.


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