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The following is an excerpt from a DEF 14A SEC Filing, filed by BIO TECHNOLOGY GENERAL CORP on 4/30/2002.
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Report of the Audit Committee

        The Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of Bio-Technology General Corp. currently consists of Messrs. Tendler (Chairman), Conrad and Weissbach and Ms. Faye Wattleton. The Audit Committee serves as the representative of the Board of Directors for general oversight of the Company's financial accounting and reporting process, system of internal controls, audit process and process for monitoring compliance with laws and regulations. Each member of the Audit Committee is independent, as defined under the listing standards of the Nasdaq National Market. The Audit Committee operates under a written charter adopted by the Board of Directors.

        As set forth in more detail in the charter, the Audit Committee's primary responsibilities fall into three broad categories:

    first, the Committee is charged with monitoring the preparation of quarterly and annual financial reports by the Company's management, including discussions with management and the Company's outside auditors about draft annual financial statements and key accounting and reporting matters;

    second, the Committee is responsible for matters concerning the relationship between the Company and its outside auditors, including recommending their appointment or removal; reviewing the scope of their audit services and related fees, as well as any other services being provided to the Company; and determining whether the outside auditors are independent (based


      in part on the annual letter provided to the Company pursuant to Independence Standards Board Standard No. 1); and

    third, the Committee oversees management's implementation of effective systems of internal controls including review of policies relating to legal and regulatory compliance, ethics and conflicts of interests; and review of the activities and recommendations of the Company's internal auditing program.

        The Committee has implemented procedures to ensure that during the course of each fiscal year it devotes the attention that it deems necessary or appropriate to each of the matters assigned to it under the Committee's charter. To carry out its responsibilities, the Committee met five times during 2001.

        In overseeing the preparation of the Company's financial statements, the Committee met with both management and the Company's outside auditors to review and discuss all financial statements prior to their issuance and to discuss significant accounting issues. Management advised the Committee that all financial statements were prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, and the Committee discussed the statements with both management and the outside auditors. The Committee's review included discussion with the outside auditors of matters required to be discussed pursuant to Statement on Auditing Standards No. 61 (Communication with Audit Committees).

        With respect to the Company's outside auditors, the Committee, among other things, discussed with Arthur Andersen LLP matters relating to its independence and received from Arthur Andersen LLP the written disclosures and the letter as required by the Independence Standards Board Standard No. 1 (Independence Discussions with Audit Committees).

        Finally, the Committee continued to monitor the scope and adequacy of the Company's internal controls, including proposals to strengthen internal procedures and controls where appropriate.

        On the basis of these reviews and discussion, the Committee recommended to the Board of Directors that the Board approve the inclusion of the Company's audited financial statements in the Company's Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2001, for filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

                        Members of the Audit Committee

                        David Tendler (Chairman)
                        Herbert Conrad
                        Faye Wattleton
                        Herbert Weissbach


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