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The following is an excerpt from a 10-K SEC Filing, filed by NORCRAFT COMPANIES LP on 4/2/2007.
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Signature Series

Mid Continent’s Signature Series, the division’s most popular product line, provides features and customization options comparable to a semi-custom product at price points competitive with stock cabinetry. The Signature Series offers numerous door style selections in various wood species with multiple door and finish combinations. In addition, the Signature Series offers a wide variety of construction upgrades and design options, such as plywood sides and full-extension, dovetail maple drawers, for added style and design. We believe that our Signature Series cabinetry appeals to consumers undertaking remodeling projects, who seek superior design flexibility and attractive appearance relative to stock cabinetry and lower cost and shorter lead-times compared to semi-custom and custom cabinetry. We also believe we appeal to home builders who seek cabinetry that differentiates their homes and gives home buyers the look and feel of custom cabinetry at an affordable price.

Pro Series

Mid Continent’s Pro Series is designed for the value-conscious customer. The Pro Series is manufactured in high quantities and a limited range of finishes with few modification options. We believe that our Pro Series cabinetry primarily appeals to builders who are seeking products for single family and multi-unit dwellings.


UltraCraft manufactures a full range of stock and semi-custom wall, base, tall, vanity, and specialty cabinets. UltraCraft offers 78 door styles and over 10,000 door and finish combinations.

UltraCraft cabinets are full access, offering true full-overlay doors with concealed hinges and functional hardware. Full access cabinets provide flush, furniture-style, finished ends and provide greater storage space than traditional framed cabinets. The UltraCraft product offering is comprised of three distinct product lines: Destiny, Vision, and Entrée, each of which are differentiated by features, finish, color, style selection, design options and price. UltraCraft’s products accounted for approximately 15%, of our sales during the fiscal year ended December 31, 2006.

Destiny Line

UltraCraft’s Destiny line is our high-end semi-custom full access product offering with extensive customization options. Destiny cabinets include thousands of door and finish combinations constructed of wood, thermofoil, and melamine. Over the years we have continued to significantly expand Destiny’s product offering, adding new wood species, door styles and finishes. Destiny line products are targeted at affluent, established customers who desire upscale, smartly designed, fully-featured cabinets.

Vision Line

UltraCraft’s Vision product line has experienced significant growth every year since its introduction in April 2002. The Vision line includes five door styles and ten Italian “Eurotek” veneer finish combinations, a unique technology of an Italian manufacturer. The Vision manufacturing process utilizes this state of the art technology to create a high-end semi-custom style and look at a mid-range price. As a result, we believe our Vision line products are well positioned to target younger, more fashion-oriented consumers.

Entrée Line

UltraCraft’s Entrée line is value priced full access cabinetry manufactured in high quantities and in a limited range of sizes and styles, with few modification options. Entrée cabinets are manufactured using  5 / 8 inch melamine board with full edgebanding, and as such are a higher-quality product than most entry level cabinets. Entrée cabinets are targeted to be sold primarily to builders for use in new construction projects.


The StarMark, Fieldstone and Brookwood brands collectively comprise our StarMark Cabinetry business division, offering 246 door styles and more than 25,000 door and finish combinations. This business division provides high quality, attractively designed semi-custom cabinets incorporating many features of custom cabinetry at a lower price. StarMark Cabinetry collectively accounted for approximately 24%, of our revenues for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2006.



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StarMark is semi-custom framed cabinetry distributed through independent kitchen and bath retailers. Kitchens are personalized for the homeowner’s lifestyle and designed by trained professionals who are experienced in using the depth of the StarMark product line to achieve a unique look and value investment for the home. StarMark’s products are targeted at both middle and upper income consumers.


Fieldstone is our higher-end, semi-custom framed cabinetry brand, also distributed through independent kitchen and bath retailers. This brand features an exclusive selection of products, finishes and modifications above and beyond what is available in the StarMark brand. Each kitchen is individually designed and accented by industry experts who use Fieldstone modifications, migration and exclusive finishes to achieve a custom room for their clients without a premium price. Fieldstone’s products are targeted at both middle and upper income consumers.


Brookwood cabinets are semi-custom, framed cabinets sold through a catalog sales organization. Brookwood Cabinets are extensively modified and personalized for each homeowner. Brookwood’s products are targeted at both middle and upper income consumers.


We operate six manufacturing facilities strategically located throughout the United States and Canada. Our largest facility, in Newton, Kansas, is vertically integrated, enabling it to fully assemble cabinet doors, as well as perform machining, assembly and finishing operations for oak and other wood species. Additionally, it receives much of its supply of frame parts from our Winnipeg facility. Our five remaining plants are primarily machining, assembly and finishing operations. At all of our sites, prior to assembly, rough milled lumber is machined. Panels, shelves, drawers, drawer fronts, doors, floors and back parts are then assembled. The cabinetry is then finished (sanded, stained, varnished and cured) and then assembled. Hardware is then added, and the final product is inspected, packaged and staged for shipment. Our products are made to order and not to stock and accordingly, our finished goods inventory levels are low. Following production at one of our facilities, the finished product is shipped to our customers either directly or indirectly or via one of our four distribution centers.

Newton, along with Cottonwood, Minnesota and Lynchburg, Virginia are Mid Continent facilities, with Cottonwood and Lynchburg receiving doors manufactured by Newton and outsourcing their rough mill production of raw materials to third party vendors. Our Liberty, North Carolina facility is an UltraCraft facility, and our Sioux Falls, South Dakota facility is a StarMark facility, producing StarMark, Fieldstone and Brookwood cabinets. Liberty and Sioux Falls each outsource rough mill production. Liberty outsources door manufacturing in all wood species to third party vendors while Sioux Falls builds approximately 1,000 doors per day.

We are currently increasing the level of insourcing of products currently purchased from third parties. Our StarMark division is insourcing an increasing amount of door production that will result in savings from the amounts formerly paid to third parties for these products. Our facility in Winnipeg, Canada produces wood components which were formerly purchased from third parties. The Winnipeg plant primarily produces product for our Mid Continent division. Depending on exchange rates, the Winnipeg plant can provide cost savings when compared to purchasing these components from domestic suppliers. Additionally, this facility supplies frame parts which can reduce our dependence on certain vendors.


We sell our products principally through our network of internal and independent sales representatives, and five Kitchen and Bath Ideas retail stores. The majority of our sales are through our sales representatives, who cover all areas of the United States, and with whom we believe we have established strong relationships by providing superior customer service, timely delivery and quality products at competitive pricing.

Our sales and marketing strategy is focused on distributing our products primarily to kitchen and bath dealers and wholetailers. According to Kitchen and Bath Business, the dealer and wholetailer channels accounted for 62.0% of U.S. cabinet industry sales in 2005. In certain markets, we also sell our products directly to builders. We have developed strong relationships with our dealers by delivering superior customer service, accurate and timely deliveries, quality products and competitive pricing. We believe these relationships provide us an advantage as dealers often influence the consumer’s decision at the point-of-sale, particularly since consumers are generally not familiar with a specific brand or style of cabinetry prior to their interaction with the dealer.



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We have national distribution capabilities for all of our brands and our net sales are balanced throughout the United States. In addition, we continually monitor the sales volume and credit worthiness of our dealers to further enhance our network and we aim to maximize the sales potential of our customers by providing frequent dealer training, extensive product literature and attractive displays.

We also distribute our products through other channels on a limited basis, including national galleries, our Kitchen and Bath Ideas retail stores, a catalog sales organization and other distributors. Our retail stores, which represented approximately 2.4% of our overall revenues in 2006, sell products from each of our divisions, as well as kitchen appliances, countertops and other kitchen and bath items.


We primarily sell our products to kitchen and bathroom cabinetry dealers and wholesale retailers, or wholetailers, as well as directly to home builders. We have an extensive network of over 2,800 active customers. Our largest customer in 2006 accounted for 8.1% of our sales, and our largest 10 customers accounted for approximately 26.3% of sales during such time. Our customers sell our products in the repair and remodeling and new home construction markets. Other than through our retail locations, we do not generally sell our products directly to home owners.

We seek to attract and retain customers by:



delivering our products on time, in the specification and quantity ordered;



producing a quality product offering that is regularly updated with new introductions;



providing superior customer service and product warranties;



supporting dealer and distributor employees through providing cabinet displays, extensive educational programs and substantial promotional materials; and



utilizing a professional, nationwide network of sales representatives who have close relationships with desirable dealers.


The cabinet industry is mature, competitive, large and fragmented, with approximately 5,000 cabinet manufacturers competing for approximately $13.5 billion in sales during 2005 (as estimated by Kitchen and Bath Business) with only eight competitors having in excess of $200 million in annual sales in 2005. Key competitive factors in the cabinetry industry include product quality, accurate and timely delivery, value and price.

We have numerous competitors and we expect competition to increase. Our competitors manufacture stock, semi-custom and custom cabinetry. There are relatively low capital requirements for cabinetry assembly, and therefore it is relatively easy for small competitors to enter the industry. Many of our competitors compete on a local or regional basis, but others, like us, compete on a national basis as well. Our competitors include large consolidated operations which house their manufacturing facilities in large and efficient plants as well as relatively small, local cabinetwork manufacturers. Moreover, companies in other building products industries may compete with us.

We believe that we compete favorably with other manufacturers due to the breadth of our product offerings, production capacity and delivery and service. Many of our competitors are larger than we are and may have access to more resources than we do.


We rely on a combination of trademarks, copyrights and trade secret protection, employee and third party non-disclosure agreements, and domain name registrations to protect our intellectual property. We sell many of our products under a number of registered trademarks, which we believe are widely recognized in the cabinetry industry. With respect to proprietary know-how, we rely on trade secret protection and confidentiality agreements. Monitoring the unauthorized use of our intellectual property is difficult, and the steps we have taken may not prevent unauthorized use of our intellectual property. The disclosure or misappropriation of our intellectual property could harm our ability to protect our rights and our competitive position. To date, we have not relied on patents in operating our business.


As of December 31, 2006 we had 2,538 employees. This total included 2,104 manufacturing employees. Of our total employees, 1,580 were at Mid Continent and corporate, 329 were at UltraCraft and 629 were at StarMark. None of our employees is subject to any collective bargaining agreement.



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Our operations are subject to extensive federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations relating to, among other things, the generation, storage, handling, emission, transportation and discharge of regulated materials into the environment. Permits are required for certain of our operations, and these permits are subject to revocation, modification and renewal by issuing authorities. Governmental authorities have the power to enforce compliance with their regulations, and violations may result in the payment of fines or the entry of injunctions, or both. We may also incur liability for investigation and clean-up of soil or groundwater contamination on or emanating from current or formerly owned and operated properties, or at offsite locations at which regulated materials are located where we are identified as a responsible party. We do not believe we will be required under existing environmental laws and enforcement policies to expend amounts that will have a material adverse effect on our results of operations, financial condition or cash flows. The requirements of such laws and enforcement policies, however, have generally become more stringent over time. Also discovery of currently unknown conditions could require responses that could result in significant costs. Accordingly, we are unable to predict the ultimate cost of compliance with environmental laws and enforcement policies.