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The following is an excerpt from a SB-2/A SEC Filing, filed by JAVA DETOUR INC. on 2/14/2007.
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The following individuals constitute our board of directors and executive management:
Michael Binninger
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors
Steven Binninger
President, Chief Operating Officer and a Director
Ronald Sands
Chief Financial Officer, Secretary and Director

Michael Binninger has been Chief Executive Officer since inception. Mr. Binninger graduated from the University of California Berkeley. His direct responsibilities include overall company strategic planning, company expansion, real estate acquisition and brand development. He oversees all site selection, lease and purchase negotiations, and construction of new Java Detour® locations. In 2003, Mr. Binninger led the creation of a joint venture agreement between the Company and First Street Ventures under which First Street Ventures built out 6 new stores. More recently he led the negotiations that resulted in Pavilion Development signing on to build 30 stores over the next 36 months in Texas and Florida. Mr. Binninger also led the negotiations with Focus Brands to incorporate Cinnabon Express locations into existing and future Java Detour® stores.

Steven Binninger has been President and Chief Operating Officer since inception. Mr. Binninger graduated with honors from the University of Idaho Business School. In addition to overseeing all store operations and quality control, he is also responsible for new store set-up and operational design, equipment selection and layout. Mr. Binninger develops all proprietary products and drink recipes. He directed the development of Java Detour®’s proprietary chocolate syrups to improve product quality and streamline beverage operations, and laid the groundwork for our company’s wholesale business. He also oversees all aspects of our coffee roasting operations.

Ronald Sands , has been our Chief Financial Officer and Secretary since 2001. Mr. Sands graduated with honors from Menlo College in Atherton, California. He is responsible for identifying and utilizing all capital resources, in addition to directing financing and investing activities. Mr. Sands oversees all product pricing, vendor negotiations and daily accounting procedures for our company. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Sands was employed by Charles Schwab and was voted named national Manager of the Year for employee development in 2000.

Advisory Board

Sidney J. Feltenstein and his partners recently acquired the restaurant chains Del Taco and Captain D’s. He is a board member of Focus Brands (owners of the Cinnabon brand). He was previously Chief Executive Officer of Yorkshire Global Restaurants, Inc. (holding company for A&W Restaurants, Inc. and Long John Silver's Restaurants, Inc.) before he helped orchestrate the sale of A&W and Long John Silver’s to Yum Foods. Mr. Feltenstein began his career at the Procter and Gamble Company. In 1972 he joined Dunkin’ Donuts and spent 12 of his 19 years as Chief Marketing Officer. In 1992 he became Executive Vice President of Worldwide Marketing for the Burger King Corporation and is widely credited for reversing an eight year decline in customer traffic. He left Burger King in 1994 to form Yorkshire Global Restaurants. In 2000 Mr. Feltenstein was the recipient of the prestige’s International Franchise Associations Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Paul F.  Klapper is currently serving as Manager for three private equity funds and has assisted in the start-up of many new businesses including one major retail coffee chain.  Mr. Klapper was responsible for the start-up funding and initial expansion capital of Pasqua Coffees of San Francisco. After receiving Mr. Klapper’s expansion funding, Pasqua later became and acquisition candidate and was eventually bought by Starbucks Coffee. Mr. Klapper served as a Director and shareholder of Yorkshire Global Restaurants, which owned the brand names of A&W Restaurants, Inc. and Long John Silver's Restaurants, Inc. Mr. Klapper has been involved with a significant number of properties in San Francisco, Boston, Houston and other cities.  The most recent development was a Class A high rise office building (approximately 500,000 square feet) in downtown Honolulu. Most recently, Mr. Klapper and his affiliated companies, PFK Acquisition Company I, LLC and PFK Acquisition Group II, LLC have been involved as principals and advisors for the purchase of approximately $500 million in institutionally owned properties and companies.  


Andrew Cherng as founder and director of Panda Express, continues to head the privately held company, Panda Restaurant Group. The Panda Restaurant Group operates a successful portfolio of restaurants including Panda Express, Panda Inn, and Hibachi-San. The Panda Restaurant Group is one of the largest family-owned restaurant chains in the world and has over 800 restaurants covering 34 states, Puerto Rico and Japan.

Family Relationships

Michael Binninger and Steven Binninger are brothers. Other than the foregoing, there are no family relationships among the individuals comprising our Board of Directors, management or other key personnel.

Committees of the Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors does not maintain a separate audit, nominating or compensation committee. Functions customarily performed by such committees are performed by its Board of Directors as a whole. We are not required to maintain such committees under the rules applicable to companies that do not have securities listed or quoted on a national securities exchange or national quotation system. We intend to create board committees in the near future.